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Discounted Packages

Beginners' Packages:

If you are new to the melodeon and not sure where to start, I have put together some simple tunes and lessons to get you up and running.

You can have 1 pack of 6 tunes and lessons (choice of 2 different packs) for £29.95 saving 17% (normal price £35.94)

or both packs (12 tunes and lessons for just £48 a massive saving

of 33% (normal price £71.88)

Please note, if you have already purchased any of the tunes in the packs, I can simply substitute them with another tune of your choice or I will choose one for you. 

Discounted Packages (You choose the tunes!):

Alternatively, you choose the 6 or 12 tunes that you want to learn!

Please pick Pack 3 (for 6 tunes) or Pack 4 (for 12 tunes) in the shop

and don't forget to let me know your choices.

Already bought one pack and want to get the other one? - just pay the difference of £18.05. Contact me and I will send you a PayPal invoice for this amount.

Click on the title to hear the tune 



Home On The Range

Anglo Concertina tutorial using tablature

Great old American cowboy song with words

and chords (new feature!)

CG and GD tutorials instantly available 


The Roast Beef Of Old England

DG Melodeon tutorial

Wonderful old English tune - lots of row crossing and extremely enjoyable to play.


A Whale Of A Tale (Sea Shanty)

Anglo Concertina tutorial using tablature

This is from the film 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

guarantee you'll love this - it sounds great and it's brilliant fun to play.  This is a full tune with accompaniment.

Click here for CG version

GD version also instantly available!

Schindler's List

Anglo Concertina tutorial using tablature

This is an easy version of the main theme

- still sounds great though!

A moving and beautiful piece of music.

Click here for GD version

CG version also available - just ask me


Anglo Concertina tutorial using tablature

The famous tune from Porgy and Bess.

CG version available now

GD version is also available now!!


DG Melodeon tutorial

Fascinating tune from the Swedish band Hoven Droven.

Lots of good bits!!!

Wellerman Sea Shanty

Anglo Concertina tutorial using tablature

Very trendy at the moment!!

Single note tune - very easy!

Click here for CG version

Click here for GD version


Morpeth Rant

Anglo Concertina tutorial using tablature

This works so well on this instrument

and is really good fun to play!

Click here for CG version

Click here for GD version

Battle Of The Somme

DG Melodeon tutorial

a beautiful, slow moving tune.

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I  have developed a brand new tablature for the anglo concertina which I can use to teach tunes on this instrument in any key!

Not only that but I will only have to record one video per tune as I am using pitch correction software to transpose the musical content of the video without altering my spoken instructions or the timing of my playing.  So, no matter whether you have a CG or GD anglo concertina (or any other tuning!!), I can now provide all the resources you need.

To launch this exciting new idea I have recorded a free tutorial for the lovely old tune Danny Boy. This will give you a really good insight into my new method.  More tutorials using this tab method with a detailed instruction sheet coming soon.

Here are the links to the resources:-

CG Anglo Concertina Video Tutorial

CG Anglo Concertina Performance Video

GD Anglo Concertina Video Tutorial

GD Anglo Concertina Performance Video


Tablature for Danny Boy and What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor (which work for all keys!) - just click the PDF images below

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