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Hayden Duet Concertina


Free Lessons

You Tube Links to Free Lessons on the Hayden Duet


Free resources for you to download



La Partida

Amazing GC Melodeon waltz from Venezuela

by Carlos Bonnet


Valse a Sylvie

Beautiful GC Melodeon tune by Bernard Loffet


Becalmed (DG Melodeon)

Beautiful tune from the computer game Sea Of Thieves.

It's played in D major on the DG


Le Détour (GC Melodeon)

Lovely tune by Rémi Geffroy

Morrison's Jig (DG Melodeon)

Irish tune with lots of fascinating technique which may be new to you

Flenmo Skänklåt (GC Melodeon)

Lovely tune from Scandinavia!

Loch Lomond (DG Melodeon)

The Scottish tune to learn.  Beautiful and tasteful!


Jockey To The Fair (DG Melodeon)

Wonderful Morris tune.  Great fun to play in G on your DG box.

Anglo Concertina

The Godfather

Classic Film Theme!

Off To California

Wonderful traditional tune

We Wish You A Merry Christmas 

You simply have to know how to play this one!  This is a brand new lesson which you can play on any anglo as it is designed for an instrument with 20 buttons.  I have used my tablature to teach this one so if you haven't tried it yet, this is a great place to start.  It's easy and logical!!  GD version of the tutorial available as well.

English Concertina

Sheet music now available to buy for all the English concertina tunes I have recorded over the past few years.  Some also have a free video tutorial.

Here's the link:

English Concertina Sheet Music To Buy



O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

My favourite Christmas carol, played here

on the English Concertina

Other Instruments


Redwing & Golden Slippers

Two great morris tunes for the acoustic guitar.


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