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I have 18 DG tutorials that I have de-tuned so that they work with a CF melodeon of which 6* are absolute beginner level.


My voice is a little deeper than usual but is perfectly clear and the melodeon sounds fine.


To be clear, you will get the normal DG tutorial thrown in for no extra cost so if you ever buy a melodeon in that tuning you’ll be good to go.


You will simply use the DG music even though you will actually be playing in F or C (or their relative minors) depending on the piece.


The cost of these tutorials is £5.99 each, however, I’ll do you a deal if you order five or more (BUY FIVE PAY FOR FOUR) or an even better deal if you order ten or more (BUY TEN PAY FOR EIGHT).

Why not consider buying the complete package of all my tutorials for the CF Melodeon/DG Melodeon? More details on the Access All Areas page.


If I have any DG tutorials that you would like and that I haven’t de-tuned please let me know.  I charge a fee of £5 over and above the usual fee for this service as it takes a couple of hours to re-tune the video and of course the result has to be uploaded to YouTube.


Here’s the list of available CF tutorials with links.  The easiest ones are marked with an * although none of these are all that hard if I’m honest.

The performances are in DG as I don’t have examples of the CF de-tunes:-

Ashokan Farewell


Bouffard’s Waltz*


Dusty Windowsills




Emma’s Waltz*


Hernando’s Hideaway


Highland Mary*  


In The Bleak Midwinter


King Of The Fairies

La Marianne*

Lilac Tree Waltz


Michael Turner’s Waltz


Road To The Isles


The South Wind


The Wraggle Taggle Gypsies


Tralee Gaol


Twelve Bar Blues*


Wild Mountain Thyme

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