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Having been assistant director of a children's choir, called Choirwood, in South Woodham Ferrers, Essex for four years, I decided in early 1996 to form my own.  With my whole family on board , including my son Steve as co-director, we started rehearsing at one of the schools where I taught the guitar and within a few weeks we had nearly 100 members comprising children of all ages,

The brief was simple - great songs chosen from 50 years of pop music, fun and a sense of humour.

The choir was very successful. We performed at hundreds of live shows - including several with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2001 we undertook a short tour of Germany where we were very well received.

We appeared on TV and radio and raised many thousands of pounds for charities.

In 2011 we decided that the choir had run its course and we played our last gig in the April of that year.

Over the 15 years that the choir was running we always had a live band featuring young musicians but when we recorded our albums my son Steve and I played all the instruments.

On this page you will be able to listen to our complete body of work which comprises several CDs and some videos.

This was a very important phase in my career and I look back on it with a very deep affection.



Main vocals and backing vocals - Kids Choir 2000

Solo Voices:

With A Little Help From My Friends - Christopher Kibblewhite

A Trick Of The Tail - Nicola Eisenhauer

Backing vocals - Lauren Cantle and Christopher Kibblewhite

Guitars, bass guitar, percussion, Lead vocal - "Any Dream Will Do" - Les Titford

Keyboards, bass guitar, percussion, programming and backing vocals - Steve Titford


Original Songs:

Christmas Love - Steve Titford

Magic - Les Titford

Don't Wait Until Christmas - Les Titford

We're Having Fun At Christmas - Les Titford

Mary's Song - Les Titford

In A Thousand Years - Les and Steve Titford

A Kangaroo At Christmas - Les Titford

Solo Voices:

The Closing Of The Year - Emma Ashpole

Mistletoe And Wine - Jenny Viccars

Saviour's Day - Les Titford

Walking In The Air - Christopher Kibblewhite

Mary's Song - Emma Ashpole

In A Thousand Years - Lauren Cantle



Main vocals and backing vocals - Kids Choir 2000

Original Songs

Gadget Freak - Les Titford

Solo Voices:

I Love You, Always Forever - Ruth Hedgley

Land Of Make Believe - David Titford

Salt Water - Emma Ashpole and Rebecca Richards

Words - Carly Callaghan and Lauren Pang

Guitars, bass guitar, percussion - Les Titford

Keyboards, bass guitar, percussion, programming and backing vocals - Steve Titford


Original Songs:

Tracey - David Titford

Someone's Watching Over You (extended dreamtime re-mix) - Les and Steve Titford

Solo Voices:

Manic Monday - Faye Perry ("Angels" Emma Ashpole, Jennifer Viccars

Phil Spector Medley:-

Baby I Love You solo voices: Rebecca Rivett, Donna Gadsden, Samantha Ball

Da Doo Ron Ron solo voice: Anna Mennell

The Grease Megamix:-

Solo voices: Lisa Krimmel, Christopher Kibblewhite

Uptown Girl - Thomas Blackburn

Ben - Christopher Kibblewhite

My Heart Will Go On - Emma Ashpole


Original Songs:

The European Travellers - Les and Steve Titford

Solo Voices:

Trust Can Build A Dream - Esther Binding

The European Travellers - Lead and backing vocals - Lauren Cantle

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