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Lesson One (uses Exercises 1-4)

Clawhammer Fingerstyle Exercises

Lesson Two (uses Exercises 5-9)

Simple Arpeggios, Pinches and Percussion

Lesson Three (uses Exercise 10)

Clawhammer using D, D added 2nd and D sus4 - features hammering-on and pulling-off!

Lesson Four (uses Exercise 11)

Tasteful Clawhammer Progression In D Major

Lesson Five (uses Exercise 12)

Tasteful Clawhammer Noodling in G Major

Lesson Six (uses Exercise 13)

Banjo-like Clawhammer Pattern In G Major

Lesson Seven (uses Exercise 14)

Country Clawhammer Pattern On A C Chord

Lesson Eight (uses Exercise 15)

Descending Note Clawhammer Pattern In C Major

Lesson Nine (uses Exercise 16)

That Run Down!

Lesson Ten (uses Exercise 17)

D run down and A minor run down

Lesson Eleven (uses Exercises 18 &19)

Two Exercises In A Major

Lesson Twelve (uses Exercises 20-23)

Good Rhythm Guitar Video 1

Lesson Thirteen (uses Exercises 24-26)

Good Rhythm Guitar Video 2

Lesson Fourteen (uses Exercise 27)

Good Rhythm Guitar Video 3

Lesson Fifteen (uses Exercise 28)

Good Rhythm Guitar Video 4

Lesson Sixteen (uses Exercise 29)

Good Rhythm Guitar Video 5

Lesson Seventeen (uses Exercise 30)

Good Rhythm Guitar Video 6

Lesson Eighteen (uses Exercises 31-38)

Good Rhythm Guitar Video 7

Lesson Nineteen (no sheet!)

12 Bar Blues In A

Lesson Twenty (no sheet!)

12 Bar Blues In E

Lesson Twenty One (no sheet)

The E Chord Trick!

Lesson Twenty Two (no sheet)

Power Chords And Palm Muting

Lesson Twenty Three (no sheet)

Rolling Rhythms

Lesson Twenty Four (no sheet)


Lesson Twenty Five (no sheet)

False (Artificial) Harmonics

Lesson Twenty Six (See Chart!)

Harmonics In Depth

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