DG Melodeon Lessons Pack 4 Your Choice of 12

PACK 4: Please let me know which 12 tunes you would like to learn from the list on my DG Melodeon Page and I will put a pack together for you!

DG Melodeon Lessons Pack 4 Your Choice of 12

  • If you buy something in error please don't worry as I will quickly refund you if you let me know immediately. Strictly no refunds once I have uploaded your teaching material to your Dropbox or sent them via email.

  • I provide a Dropbox folder for all my customers to share with me. In this way I can give you quick access to your learning resources plus any free material I give you both now and in the future, together with any future purchases, should there be any! This is an elegant way of dealing with all this and saves the bother of trying to email large files. If you're not familiar with Dropbox - just Google it. It's free, reliable and secure. Only you and I can see the contents of the folder that I share with you. 


    As the vast majority of my customers have been happy thus far to use Dropbox in this way, I will assume that you are too.  In this way I can get your learning resources to you as soon as you have paid and avoid any delay.


    Obviously, I can email the documents and the video links to you if you prefer so please tell me in the space provided when you make your payment.

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