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Songs for Adults

Black Guitar - Les Titford
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Black Guitar

Written in 1989 for Jo-Ann Jennings - a pupil and friend of mine who died in a car accident whilst serving as a police officer.

Fireside Girl - Les Titford
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Fireside Girl

Written in 1973, this originally appeared on the 1975 Thomahawk album. This recording made in April/May 2008 features Lauren Cantle on backing vocals.

Heaven's Very Special Child - Les Titford
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Heaven's Very Special Child

Written in the early nineties for a Down Syndrome charity. Edna Massimilla wrote the words.

Love Of A Kind - Les Titford
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Love Of A Kind

Written for the 2nd Thomahawk album - this is a recording made in 2006/7.

Mum - Les Titford
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Written in 2001 about my mum and played at her funeral in 2004. She never heard it.

Once Again Goodbye - Les Titford
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Once Again Goodbye

This song was written in 1974 and was published by Chappell Music as an entry for the Eurovision Song Contest that year.

One In A Million - Les Titford
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One In A Million

Written in 1992 and re-recorded in May 2008 with a "string quartet" 

Someone's Watching Over You - Les Titford
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Someone's Watching Over You

Written in 1998 for a little boy called Connor who had an accident. Originally recorded by Kids Choir 2000 to raise funds for him. Sadly, he died after a brave fight for life. This version was recorded in May 2008 with backing vocals from Lauren Cantle.

There's Nothing Wrong - Les Titford
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There's Nothing Wrong

A very "green" song written in 1992 for Choirwood - a children's choir I was co-directing at the time.

Wondering - Les Titford
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Written with Donna Jennings (Jo-Ann's sister see "Black Guitar") in the early nineties. This version features my vocal. Donna wrote the words.

You Wouldn't Say - Les Titford
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You Wouldn't Say

Written for Donna Jennings to record in the early nineties. This version features my vocal.

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