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All My English Concertina Lessons

Video Lesson 1 - Morning Has Broken

Key of C major. All notes on rows 2 and 3. How to hold the instrument. The position of Middle C and D in relation to the thumb straps. Simple harmony - two buttons played together. Advice on practice and fingernails.


Video Lesson 2 - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Key of C major.

Video Lesson 3 - On Top Of Old Smoky

Key of D major. F# played for the first time. Expression with bellows.

Video Lesson 4 - The Day Thou Gavest Lord Has Ended

​Key of G major. All notes in the scale of G major used. Muscle memory.

Tone through confidence! First ornament (a mordent). 3-note chord on the end of the piece.


Video Lesson 5 - In The Bleak Midwinter

Key of C major. Two-note chords. Another mordent. Dotted notes. Staccato notes.

Video Lesson 6 - He Who Would Valiant Be

Key of C major. Dotted notes. All notes in the scale of C major played in this tune.

Video Lesson 7 - What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor?

In the D Dorian mode - (D minor). 


Video Lesson 8 - Skye Boat Song

Key of C major. Lots of low notes!!

Video Lesson 9 - Be Still

Key of D major. F# and C# played. All 8 notes in the scale of D major played in this tune. Tasteful ending!!

Video Lesson 10 - Danny Boy

Key of C major. 12 notes used - the most so far! Grace notes added. Expression. Rubato.

Video Lesson 11 - Home On The Range

Key of D major. Ornaments - mordent and grace notes. 1st finger used on row 1 accidentals for the first time (C#). 4-note chord on the end.

Video Lesson 12 - Shepherd's Hey

Played in four keys G major, C major, D minor and A minor - all using the same pattern of buttons. 1,3,8 chord played on the end.

Video Lesson 13 - Oh My Darling Clementine

Key of D major. Low C# used so you need to play it with finger 1 on that top row. Interesting ending - an A major chord broken up and with appropriate fingering.

Video Lesson 14 - Away In A Manger

Key of E major. Four sharps!! F# C# G# and D#. Changing the fingering to suit the tune

Video Lesson 15 - Cattle Call (Theme To The Woodentops)

Key of G major. Playing the tune in harmony. 6/8 time.  Reversing the bellows on identical phrases to get a different tone.

Video Lesson 16 - The Aldbury May Song

Key of D major. Reading the dots (musical notation) for the first time!

Video Lesson 17 - The Grenadier And The Lady

In A Aeolian mode (A minor) Tab and sheet music - more advanced timings to learn on the sheet music

Video Lesson 18 - Speed The Plough

In G major Tab and sheet music. Playing quavers smoothly.

Video Lesson 19 - Silent Night

Playing in A major for the first time. 6/8 time signature. Left hand change of position for the fingering to make it comfortable to play the G# and C#.

Video Lesson 20 - Drink To Me Only

In G major. Played and explained as single notes and also in harmony.

Video Lesson 21 - Happy Birthday

In G major. This is a good key for all to sing in.

Video Lesson 22 - Amazing Grace

In G major. Played in single notes with ornaments and then with a drone. This is the first time I have featured a drone - a low G played all the way through to give us a sort of bagpipes effect.

Video Lesson 23 - The Irish Washerwoman

In G major. Playing the same button with different fingers on this Irish tune.

Video Lesson 24 - Where Is Love? (Oliver!)

In C major. Lovely tune with quite a lot of accidentals

Video Lesson 25 - The Red Haired Boy

Not in its usual key of A but in G here. I play it with a hornpipe feel - again, this is unusual​ but I think it works well.

Video Lesson 26 - Sankta Lucia

A lovely old Swedish Christmas song in G. Features a C# accidental.

Video Lesson 27 - William Taylor's Tabletop Hornpipe

A lovely tune in E minor. My wife dances to this in her Morris side.

Video Lesson 28 - Bobby Shafto

In G major. Two versions of the tune and some ornaments in the B part.

Video Lesson 29 - Captain Maguire

In D major. Quite a brisk and cheerful tune to warm your fingers up!

Video Lesson 30 - Yankee Doodle

In D major. Very well known tune. 

Video Lesson 31 - Jon's Polka

In D major. In this lesson emphasis is placed on changing bellows direction at the correct moment. 


Video Lesson 32 - Gaudete

In G aeolian. In four parts. Again the emphasis is on correct bellows technique. You can hear all four parts together at the start of the video.

East Of Eden Film Theme with free sheet music!

The Keeper of the Eddystone Lighthouse

Video Lesson

The Mermaid

Video Lesson


Sir Roger De Coverley

Video Lesson

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